keep it flowing.

There is something about the beginning of the work week that’s not so bad when you know you’ve got a nice, long yoga class at the end of it all.

Sort of like an antidote to Monday, if you will.

And so with an hour spent in vinyasa flow, sweating more than is actually imaginable (I’m still shocked every week), I am calm and ready to take on Tuesday.

Which is good, because yesterday’s day at the office ended with me spilling bags and tripping all over the street.

All it took was one seemingly stressful visit to the deli counter (what are you talking about? my pals said, as I explained my angst over waiting for cold cuts. it didn’t even take that long. They’re right, as usual) to spiral me into a falling-over-myself, high-pitched whiny traveler.

Luckily, they put me in my place, and we were on our way, but not until after I swung my (plastic! killing the earth!) bags into the sidewalk and nearly bit the dust.

My delicious turkey sandwich today will make it all worth it.

Sometimes I’m the worst, chickadees.

But I’ve got a new intention and a sunny day ahead of me, so I’m willing to take one deep breath and wade through it.

Plus, I’ve got the promise of a run tonight.

The trick is, chickens, to just keep moving.





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One response to “keep it flowing.

  1. I hate ordering at the deli. They get so impatient. I’m not even that indecisive!

    Just as you should appreciate the little things, it’s also the little things that can set you off.

    I wish you well on your run today. 🙂

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