laying it down.

All right, chickens.

We’ve hit dead center of the work week.

I’m feeling good about powering through the middle of it.

I admit, however, that the run I’d scheduled last night was postponed in lieu of a new blazer from the Gap, a glass (or three) of wine, and a settling down to lay my eyes on the RNC.

Yes, I know it only makes me mad.

But I can’t look away.

In the spirit of trying not to get into it too much at such an early hour, in such a lovely venue, I will only say this:

No First Lady could be cooler than Michelle Obama.


I’m glad we had a chance to clear that up, just in case you were wondering.

Up today, I (I promise. It’s in writing, you can all see it), and as a reward, I will take my recently acquired giftcard straight to Lululemon, the athletic retailer under whose spell I’ve fallen.

I know it is silly to pay $52 for a tank top. Actually, it’s probably more than silly, it’s probably outrageous.

I just want you guys to know I know.

And to please forgive me, because I’m 100% planning on doing it anyway.



Technically, that one’s less than $50…

After my Monday yoga class, in which for some unknown reason I chose to throw on a cotton tank top, and was punished for this action by being dragged down by a 10lb soaking wet shirt, I decided it was time to take action.

With overpriced, brightly colored workout clothes.

Please keep in mind my giftcard, which I’m hoping makes this shopping a trip just a little more justified.

Otherwise, I’m ready to take the flack.

And maybe go back to my Target fleet of t-shirts.

I’ll report back.

Enjoy the day, chickadees!




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