mixing it all together.

Well, that went by rather quickly.

And here we are, post-summer and pre-weekend.

But, chickens, it’s Tuesday, and that is certainly putting me ahead of the curve today.

This is my last week in the office before I take to criss-crossing the country- first to Anaheim, and then, mid-week, to Orlando.

It’s gonna be a long one, but I suspect it will be just slightly less fun as it is work, and so I’m actually looking forward to it.

Check back in with me on Sunday night to see if that statement still holds.

Yesterday, I spent the morning in a kettlebell class, where I happened to wear shorts (due, my friends, to a lack of Clean Laundry- one of my most frequent life issues), and thus, embarrassed myself several times in the Shin Sweat department.

Also, every time I hit the ground for a floor move, I inevitably went sliding across the hardwood floor.

I am nothing if not graceful, chickadees.

I’ll stick to my crops from now on.

After I recovered from my session, we headed out to the suburbs to enjoy a day of chatting, cooking, and gearing up for Political Convention, Round 2.

I’ll try to keep a low profile.

I might not succeed.

We also enjoyed about a million delicious items from my parents’ garden, including these heirloom tomatoes:


Even as a non-tomato lover (I know, I know!), I was impressed by these guys and took down an entire slice with only a slight grimace.

I’ve got some tomato issues to work out, you guys. Stand by.

And with that, I’m ready to hit the train and get back to my regularly scheduled program.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it (we don’t here, today).




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3 responses to “mixing it all together.

  1. Al Knox

    Where are you going to be in Orlando and when? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Your parents are lucky with the garden production, huh? I’m so sad bc my mom said the sweet potato harvest was dismal at best. 😦

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