together again.

Ok, chickens, I’m running late (are we surprised) so I’ll just keep this quick and to the point.

Like, happy Friday, you guys!

I’m feeling a little bit tired this morning, since I was having this kind of fun last night:


I must have moved at the last minute.


We hit up the back garden at Volo (a cute wine place), and while I’ve been there a few times, I didn’t even know the back garden was a thing.

“I feel like we’re in Spain!” JK exclaimed.

We nodded our heads.

Someone said they wished they were in Spain.

More vigorous head nodding.

Then we drank wine flights until we couldn’t.

And then, when the waiter asked us not to leave, we had another glass.

“I thought you’d stay longer, ” he said sadly.

“Ok. Then bring us another round!” CJ decided.

We’re a fairly easy going crowd.


Eventually, we switched venues (and to beer), and continued the night.

I left before these girls, since I’ve got to bust into work today, unfortunately.

It was a lovely, laughing kind of night.

“It feels like I never left,” JK mentioned to us at one point.

“I feel like you never did,” I said, as we chatted and poured more wine.

That, I think, is how it should always feel when you make it back home.

Enjoy this day, chickadees- the weekend’s about to hit us.


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  1. Volo is not far from me… why have I not gone yet? I’m ashamed.

    So glad you had a good night! Happy weekend, my friend!

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