You’re the pride and joy of Illinois

Happy Sunday, chickens!

Yesterday was an extraordinarily productive day, and I’m just about ready to place my belongings in a suitcase and take off for sunny California for a few days and then head to Orlando on Wednesday.

I may have a spreadsheet detailing my outfit options.

This is a long trip, pals. I can’t trust myself to pull together an undocumented ensemble.

In any case, I’m one nail appointment from being socially presentable, and then I can focus on what’s really important about today.

Which is that it’s the Bears’ opening game of the season.


There is nothing more beautiful about the fall (in my opinion, anyway), then the fresh start to a long season of football.

I have been known to get a little overly enthusiastic about a football game- generally I spend the duration of it jumping up and down, yelling things like “Run, you beautiful man!” and “Hester Hester HESTER!” while making wild arm movements.

Sometimes I black out due to excitement and find myself on top of the couch without really remembering how I managed to get up there.

I’m dedicated to the spirit of the game, chickadees.

And I’ll certainly be one happy lady today starting at around noon.

Bear down, Chicago- it’s almost kickoff time.


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