rolling in the deep.

Today’s post brought to you by JD- my college roommate, travel partner-in-crime, and bff. She’s the best.

Good morning everyone!

And welcome to Wednesday…half way to the weekend.

Today, I’ll grab my coffee, put on my game face, and head to Elgin. For those of you who don’t know, I normally work in Bolingbrook- or as Nikki and I dubbed it “the deep burbs”. Although I am a sworn city girl, I make the long trek every day to my home away from home. I’ve been doing this for just about 2 years and most days I spend 2-3 hours in the car cursing traffic -55 is my sworn enemy.

Before this, I worked in the Merchandise Mart and I took the el to and from work. I pulled right into my building and I had everything I needed within the Mart. The change to my new routine was a shock.

I quickly realized the following about working in the burbs:

  • Everything is at least 5 miles away. You can’t walk anywhere
  • You can always turn right on a red light and people get angry with you if you don’t.
  • Many people refer to any place in Chicago as “downtown”.  You can try to explain that is not the case but they don’t care. It is a futile effort.
  • Parking lots are huge and there are lots of them everywhere.
  • It’s considered weird to only have one car in your family unit.

My co-workers think I am crazy for commuting. Despite it all, I have grown to accept the “deep burbs” and sometimes it’s not so bad (I have a Starbucks drive thru right down the road from my office).


This is my work compound from a distance. It’s quite large and has a massive field surrounding it.

Although it’s lovely, the best part of my day is when I hit 90/94 and this beautiful skyline comes into my view.

Enjoy the day and find a moment to take in the scenery around you!


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  1. Before I got rid of my car (which was totally weird as I came from the middle of nowhere and then lived in the ‘burbs here for a few years), that view was my favorite thing about driving back to Chicago after a long weekend.

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