steal a kiss, you’ll break a heart.

Morning, chickadees.

We made it through Monday with no lasting damage.

And I’d call that a significant achievement.

Last night, JW and I decided to stay in and make dinner, which resulted in pasta and shrimp, white wine and Oktoberfest (just like at our wedding, JW noted) and hanging out.

I had made a plea for no gifts (which is what I say when I want to sound non-materialistic, but just haven’t found the time to pick out something thoughtful, I confess), but as usual, JW had ignored that request.

This is what I found wrapped at the bottom of a gift bag:


It’s a piece of the dock that gave out on us last year, and I thought it was a pretty fun and sentimental violation of my no gifts please rule.

I’ve really got to step it up, chickens.

Up today, I’ve purchased the new Mumford & Sons album as a gift to both JW and me, and I’m looking forward to listening to all this music on repeat for the duration of the week.


I swoon for that vest on the right, chickadees.

And with that, I will leave you with something off the new album, to brighten up your Tuesday morning.



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3 responses to “steal a kiss, you’ll break a heart.

  1. Al Knox

    Happy Anniversary to you and JW. Hope the first year was all that you expected it to be.

  2. Finally, FINALLY new Mumford and Sons! I can’t wait to go home and listen to this album. Happy Anniversary to you two, and OHMY that is quite a sweet, sweet gift! 🙂

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