Questionable tactics, good results.

Morning chickens!

I’m running (typical) late this morning, but I did manage to make it to the Y and swim one blissful mile in my own lane, so I’m feeling pretty good.

I’m actually sending you elsewhere for your daily dose of the Second City today, since I blogged for my sister over at Garlic, My Soul this morning.

Garlic, My Soul is dedicated to delicious food, and includes beautiful pictures, fun recipes, and general culinary adventure from my little sissy who lives in LA.

Sometimes she lets me hang out over there with her, because she’s nice and also accommodating to her bossy older sister.

She’s a keeper.

Today I’m writing about near disaster, questionable kitchen tactics,  and a new vegetable recipe Ky and I drummed up.

So check us out, please.

And enjoy this beautiful Thursday (the weekend’s almost here, chickadees!)


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One response to “Questionable tactics, good results.

  1. You’re my hero. An entire mile at the Y! Holy cow. I would’ve drowned. I used to lifeguard, and we had to swim an 800 in order to become certified. It was always the hardest part of lifeguarding…. 😉 I will check out your sister’s link!

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