five good things: shake it out edition

Morning, chickens. After a fairly successful Monday, I’m feeling ready to head into the rest of the week, and I’m feeling like I should outline it with five.good.things.

Check it, chicks:

1. The Bears won last night on Monday Night Football. I was at book-club-turned-football-watching, and I managed to restrain myself to one couch leaping situation.


I want to know how you expect me to restrain myself in a game where our defense managed five interceptions and Jay Cutler

Bear down, Chicago.

2. This is a short week for me. Which makes the fact that it’s Tuesday very easy to swallow. Take that, five day work week.

3. My grandparents are headed into town on Wednesday, which means a five day visit from my East Coast contingent. They haven’t been out to the Windy City in awhile, so I’ve got some touristy things on my list.

Also, my grandmother has informed me that her new drink is the cosmopolitan.

I’ve got my marching orders.

4. I tried not to like this song, but as K pointed out last night at book club as someone ridiculed me, “Have you listened to it three times in a row? Try not liking it then.” Good point.

5. Speaking of book club, last night, instead of talking about the book we were supposed to read, we talked about the following items: books we want to read, Rex Ryan and his response to his foot fetish, whether or not you should find out the sex of your child before it’s born, which world religion is the weirdest, boys, running, the Marathon, and brunch.

These girls are my jam (+Ky, who I think Cait and Jen are yelling at in this one):

And with that chickadees, I’m out the door on this one- enjoy your day!



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2 responses to “five good things: shake it out edition

  1. I hate myself for liking that song, too. I really really do.

    GO BEARS! We’ll pretend I didn’t fall asleep at the end of it…

  2. The Bears game was SO good last night. When defense scored that first touchdown, I was hopping around like a crazy woman.

    And I always turn up that Taylor Swift song whenever it comes on. Can’t. help. it. So catchy!

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