missing him was dark gray/all alone

Morning, chicks.

It’s a rainy, dark kind of place in the Second City today.

I woke up in the pitch black dark at five am (JW, I whispered. You said you had to be up at 5:00. I have a knack for not needing an alarm clock- something JW probably hates when what he means by 5:00 is that he set the alarm for 15 minutes past that) and then stretched out for a few minutes before rolling out of bed and into my bathing suit.

Luckily, getting rained on doesn’t seem so bad when you’re about to hop into a pool anyway.

Several dozen slow laps later, I’m drinking a new smoothie concoction (note to self: freezing and unfreezing said smoothie will make it a strange texture) and trying to summon the strength to go back outside into the damp city.

Some mornings seem better spent in bed, if you ask me.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen to be one of them, so I’ll have to locate my umbrella (why, friends, after 28 years, is finding an umbrella still such a chore for me? I’m going to invest in a gross of them- it’ll take me awhile to lose all of those), throw on some rain boots, and head into the thick of it all.

Unless someone wants to come over and watch movies with me instead.

Any takers?

See you on the other side of the work week, chickadees.




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6 responses to “missing him was dark gray/all alone

  1. I’m with ya. It is so gloomy rainy here in Chicago; it’s the kind of fall morning that I would love to stay in bed. At least i get to work from home on Wednesdays so I don’t have to leave my apartment 🙂 but still. Let’s watch movies.

  2. Auntie Rosemary

    I don’t own an umbrella. I haven’t even tried to own an umbrella in twenty years or more. I tend to take my glasses off, because they aren’t equipped with windshied wipers, and deal with getting wet. I feel sure I won’t melt. In fact, if there were a chance I would melt, I would spend each and every rainy day outdoors. Its just water. I wouldn’t mind a yellow slicker. I had one as a kid and loved loved loved it. Maybe I’ll get another one someday. It leaves you free handed and fancy free!

  3. Yep, I am in Chicagoland too – today would have been a perfect day to watch movies all day! My neighbor said we might see the 20’s the weekend – wtf?!

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