give me a minute/i don’t know what i’d say in it

Hey there chickadees!

And Happy Weekend to the masses.

I spent this morning drinking coffee, buying a half dozen mini-pumpkins at the market (who doesn’t need mini-pumpkins in bulk?) as encouraged  by Ky, who happens to be a gourd-aholic, hanging with JW and my brother, and getting ready to head over to my parents’ for my dad’s 50th birthday party tonight.

Check out my dad, just a few short years ago.

In other news, it is an extremely beautiful fall day in this neighborhood, as evidenced from my favorite tree, which I snapped on my way home from my travels this morning.

It’s a shame winter has to come right after fall-  it’s always such a sad turn of events when the leaves are gone and we’re stuck inside until April.

It’s also a beautiful day to eat the ridiculous menu my mother’s put together and drink Sam Adams Oktoberfest out of something called a “beer ball.”

I’ll keep you posted on what that actually looks like, since I’ve never had the pleasure of purchasing one of these before.

Yesterday, I spent the day hanging with my grandparents and mom, and we made a quick, windy stopover at Wrigley Field to purchase gear (20% off- of course, since we ended the season on a pitiful note), and check out the field.


And with that, I’m off to get my gear in place and get ready for a night of good times and celebration.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, chicks!




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3 responses to “give me a minute/i don’t know what i’d say in it

  1. Al Knox

    Say Happy Birthday to your Dad and Hi to your mom for me.

  2. Auntie Rosemary

    How cute is your dad in this picture? I just can’t stand it. Please give him a Happy Birthday hug for me, and give your mother and I love you sister friend hug for me, and a big old corny hug to everyone else. Love you, Nikki Panda.

  3. Love that picture of your dad! Old photos just get me. Are you watching the marathon at all? I’ve seen a few stragglers with race bibs about town, getting brunch and whatnot, making me feel like a lazy sack of bones 😉

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