in celebration of…

Morning chickens!

Happy Sunday morning to all of you.

Last night, we ate, drank, and enjoyed a bonfire in celebration of my dad’s birthday.

Also, I got to spend some dedicated time with my adorable godson and his brother and sister (and mom and dad).

He looks fairly uninterested in cheesing for the camera, but I’ll forgive him, because he’s so freaking cute.

It was, in my estimation, pretty much a resounding success of a party.

A clear indication of this is the fact that I barely got myself out of bed this morning before 10:00 AM.

For which I am not even going to apologize, since it was actually pretty awesome.

Up today: the Chicago Marathon is happening in the neighborhood (good luck to my dear Maggie, Jess, and the other 40,000 runners who are just so much braver than I am to step across the start line in the first place), a Bears’ football game (I love nothing more than a good match up on a Sunday afternoon), and eating copious amounts of delicious leftovers from last night’s event.

It’s good to have an Italian mother who assumes everyone will eat ten times more than they normally would consume just because it’s a party.

You better believe I’ll be taking advantage of that situation

I hope everyone else has lovely, warm plans heading into this chilly (for us, anyway) Sunday morning.

The weekend’s not up yet, chickens.

And please don’t you forget it.



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  1. Yay for the marathon! I’m in west Lincoln Park so I’m not quite along the route, but I still see people wandering the streets, post-marathon, in search of some brunch. Makes me feel a bit lazy!

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