slick nik.

Hey there chickadees.

I had big plans this morning to share a new, highly successful recipe with you this morning.

But it’s gonna have to wait until tomorrow for its official unveiling.

Because I may or may not have dropped a Costco-sized vat of olive oil all over myself and my kitchen this morning.

Incredulous that I lost my grip on it and wondering how I so often get myself into these situations, I may have even watched it glug onto the counter for a few seconds before doing anything about it.

An extremely guilt-inducing amount of paper towels later, the counter seems clean.

And maybe kind of slick, but I’m not sure that’s necessarily a bad thing, right?

Who doesn’t love shiny surfaces in the kitchen?

In any case, I threw excessive quantities of baking soda on my cardigan, resolved myself to smelling like my ancestors all day, and moved on with my life.

It’s all you can do when you’re born with the grace of an elephant.

That and learn to laugh at yourself, chicks.

In other news, I’m back on the running circuit, and managed about four miles last night before calling it quits.

Building back up to my old running chops is proving to be a slow going process, but I think that as long as I keep moving, that’s progress, right?


Enjoy this middle-of-the-week day, my friends, and beware large, unwieldy bottles.





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3 responses to “slick nik.

  1. ugh… I haven’t had the olive oil mess before, that’s a rough one. But I have spilled everything else- milk, creamer, tea, lemonade (another fun one). Maybe it’s only a sign we should not be up so early?

  2. I dropped a bottle of olive oil during my mom’s birthday dinner once. Needless to say, dinner was halted for a bit as I had to clean up shattered glass and olive oil that had found its way onto EVERYTHING. Grrrr. I hope your Wednesday turns around!

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