things that don’t go quite right turn out just fine.

Morning chickens!

I just came from the gym, where I ran in an outfit comprised of more than one neon color.

I like to think it makes me go faster.

But I’ve got nothing to back this up.

In any case, today’s recipe is brought to you by Sprouted Kitchen, where we found this gem.

Sprouted Kitchen is right up our alley, all about interesting and healthy combinations.

Plus, Ky and I are sort of a sucker for anything with coconut milk and curry.

And we decided it could be a recipe handled on a weekday, if I agreed to start it while she booked it home from work.

I agreed.

But then I got distracted at work.

And stayed at the gym late.

And couldn’t find freaking lemongrass at Whole Foods, because honestly, I’d never really seen it in actual life.

Turns out, it’s fun though.

The moral of the story is, we were running late (per usual), and so we sort of improvised the recipe, which turned out to not damage the quality of our soup.

If our improvising caused quality issues, everything we made would be garbage.

In this recipe, the first thing you do is assign Ky to painstakingly cut up lemongrass while you dump lentils and some vegetable broth into a pot.

“Curry or tumeric?” I asked, checking out my spice collection.


Good answer.

Several minutes later, Ky had successful dealt with our new friend.

Sorry about the photos. One day I will deal with the fact that something’s wrong with my iPhoto.

That day is not today.

On a side note, in my hurry, I may have bought a metric ton of lemongrass, so please, if you can think of an easy use for it, let me know.

While the broth, spices and lentils were simmering away, we pulled out another pan and threw in a diced onion, lemongrass, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, and hot pepper.


Things were starting to smell pretty awesome in my apartment.

Once this had all sauteed for about five or ten minutes (this probably could have been longer, but as usual, it was late and we were starving), we combined it with the curry broth/lentils, and then added some spinach and coconut milk.


On the subject of coconut milk, I would like to say the following:

The light kind is for babies. Please don’t use it.

Thank you for your consideration.

After this step, we threw in a little water because it was looking a little thick, and then ladled it into bowls with cilantro and squeezes of lemon on top.

In fact, I didn’t even turn the burner off as I clamored for the pot.

Dinner at nine on a Tuesday always gets a little desperate, chicks.

Luckily, in this case it was also delicious.


It’s getting chilly out there. You should have this soup.

Trust me, chickadees. And enjoy!


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One response to “things that don’t go quite right turn out just fine.

  1. This kind of weather just CALLS for soup. I love your cooking style because I can so relate. At 9 p.m., I’m just rushing through it, determined to get that food in my belly as quickly as possible.

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