i’ll be waiting when you come down.

Morning, chickadees.

I am having the laziest of Sunday mornings, reading papers and sipping coffees and making lists.

Sundays are a great time for lists, in case you were wondering.

Yesterday was a lovely, full day, consisting of a myriad of activities, not limited to the following:

E and her mom picked me up yesterday to head to the market. During our drive, the skies opened up, but that didn’t stop us from darting tent to tent in search of October produce.

We picked up Ky once we got there, and despite the rain, we lingered awhile and left with bags heavy with vegetables, sausages, and other treats.

Determination will get you everywhere chickens.

That and not being afraid of a little water.

After drying off and changing into some more acceptable clothes, my mom and I headed downtown to meet E and her mom for tea at the Four Seasons.

One very delicious, minty cup of tea later and several baked goods later, we had successfully enjoyed a mid-afternoon treat (bonus: a beautiful wedding going on at the hotel while we were there. I love nothing more than checking out brides having a fantastic day).

That’s me and my dad, hanging out at my house after completing our second week of 5k training. He’s got some new gear, so now he’s a legitimate runner.

My gear is questionable, but that’s basically how I live my life.

Post run, JW’s family came over, and Ky and I whipped up this little number, with the help of JW on meatball making duty and my mom helping out with meatball frying.

We didn’t grab any pictures, since we were too busy chatting and sipping wine, but let me assure you that it was delicious, as this recipe always is.

Due to an unruly béchamel sauce, dinner was after 9:00 pm, but I’d like to think it was worth waiting for in this instance.


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One response to “i’ll be waiting when you come down.

  1. I, too, got caught in the downpour yesterday! I was just running between my car and apartment, so I can’t complain. You’re the brave one who still made your Sunday happen!

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