like the last breath left of the air i need.

Check it out, chickens.

We made it safely past Monday.

And there’s always progress in that.

Also, it’s this beautiful time of the year.

Last night, I watched the Broncos come back to beat the Chargers in what was one of the more exciting games I’ve seen this season.

JW came home after a night of studying, watched me cheer loudly a few times, and said “Are you cheering for the Broncos? Or maybe against the Chargers?”

He’s generally amused by my random, game-long-only allegiances.

I explained to him that generally, the Chargers bore me, and I sort of like the idea of Peyton Manning making a comeback, and thus, I was cheering for the losing team.

Which turned out to be the winning team, in the end.

My love for football knows no bounds, chickadees.


Today is supposed to be unseasonably warm, which means I might take my run to the streets (if it doesn’t take 37 hours to get home- what’s with that, Chicago transit? I’ve never been so sick of waiting for three trains to pass only to stand embarrassingly close to someone on the fourth.) as I move into my third week of training with my dad.

And then, it’s debate 2.0 watching time.

There’s nothing I like more than a sanctioned, moderated argument.

I’ll say no more.

For now.

Catch you chickens on the other side.



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  1. Seriously- the trains have been SLOW. Not cool considering the weather is getting more and more brisk…

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