but even if i changed/what’s wrong with it

Morning, chickadees.

Can you believe it’s Thursday already?

Last night, JW and I stopped for impromptu dinner and drinks downtown, a welcome change to our normal routine, and a fun way to spend a rainy Wednesday.

I’m easily persuaded to break routine when there’s steak and a drink in it for me.

However, that meant I had to drag myself out of my warm bed this morning to hit the trail.

Or the concrete.

You get what I’m saying.

I’ve programmed my running app to have the voice of a drill sergeant, which means I’m treated to prompts like “I can’t hear you!” and “Pick it up!” crazy-bossy-command style.

Is it wrong that it kind of makes me laugh?

Whatever keeps me going, right?

Between that and my chosen Pandora station, 90s Hits of Summer, I was on a roll.

Third Eye Blind continues to be my favorite jamming music on a run.

Save your judgement, chicks.

I doubled up on the training plan I’m doing with my dad, which meant that I managed to make it a little bit over 3.5 miles.

I also had the pleasure of watching the sun rise over the neighborhood.

Which pretty much makes getting up in the dark worth it.


That’s my vantage point, about to descend upon my final block of running for the morning.

My corner of the world is a pretty beautiful one, chickadees.




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2 responses to “but even if i changed/what’s wrong with it

  1. ooohhhh! I have that playlist as well! I also have 2000’s hits of summer- clearly I really enjoy summer jams. :p

  2. Love that post title – great song! And I like the idea of changing the app to the drill Sargent voice, what great encouragement 😉 Happy Friday!

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