if you could go anywhere, anywhere/what would you see?

Happy weekend, chickens, and welcome to it.

The sun’s finally out here in Chicago, which nearly makes all the rain we had this week worth it.

It’s been a busy morning already, cleaning up for our impending pizza party and visiting the Farmers’ Market, which has one more week left in its schedule.


It is, however, a beautiful time to be a the market. I may have picked up a cauliflower that is about two times bigger than my head.

I see interesting culinary things in its future.

If I can process it into something more manageable.

In any case, here’s to enjoying the harvest while it lasts, right?

Winter moves faster than you think, is what I’m going with this year.

We’ll see how that one serves me in February.

Also up today: running with my dad, making sauce, slicing vegetables, grating cheese, seeing good friends, and drinking wine and eating pizza.

One of my favorite kinds of Saturday nights.

In addition, laying my eyes on my godson and hanging out with the whole S family.

Nothing better, if you ask me.

Today is the best kind of day, chickadees.

Get out there and enjoy every second of it that’s left.


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One response to “if you could go anywhere, anywhere/what would you see?

  1. Grace Hendricks

    Have a great day. It is beautiful here today, Suppose to be in the 60’s all week. Just got back from the market. Next week is our last week also. Love you.

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