not up for debate.

Ok, chickadees, I admit that I haven’t watched the debate yet, so I’ll hold my comments on that.

Probably not for long, though.

Nothing like listening to a debate from your desk- it makes me feel like I’m living in the 1940s, and I kind of like that.

You know, except for the ear buds and the computer the sound’s coming out of, I guess.

I’m not ruining this for myself yet.

In tandem with this election cycle, I’ve been reading a book about Winston Churchill and his lifetime relations with America.

We’re just getting to the good part (where the Allies win the war), and I must say, it’s giving me an extra shot of patriotism/political thirst during these last two weeks before things go down.

I know I’m a strange on chickens, but hang with me, if you can.

I do appreciate it.

In other news of things I did watch: the Bears, despite nearly losing Jay Cutler to a kung fu move by Suh (who for the record, is my nemesis. That guy wants one thing, and it’s to hurt other guys. Shudder), taking it home against Detroit.


Legal, maybe.

That doesn’t get him off my nemesis list.

Stay dry out there, chickens, and enjoy this one.



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2 responses to “not up for debate.

  1. Suh is an ass. The roomie is a Pack fan, and even she said that move was out of line.

  2. Listening to the debates on the radio, oy vey! I can’t imagine. I had them on, but to be honest, I was flipping back and forth between the Bears game. I’m a little bored with the debates by now. Let’s just get this damned election over with already. Doesn’t it feel like it’s been a yearlong campaign?

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