rainy days/cold ones ahead.

Morning, chicks.

And welcome to the middle of the week.

It’s been a pretty rainy, gray couple of days, but it did give me the opportunity to catch some of these wet leaves hanging out in my neighborhood.

Also, the weather’s been unseasonably warm, which is perfect for the run I have planned later today.

The one for which the weather gods have promised me it won’t rain during.

We’ll see about that one, though.

However, I anticipate that the warm temperatures, in the end, won’t do us any favors, and that when it finally does get cold (read: probably this weekend), we’ll all scowl and be outraged, even though we knew this was coming.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Last night, I met my dear friend MC for a pumpkin-carving-night turned sushi, wine, and gabfest, which was 100% what I needed.

Especially since carving pumpkins in not in my uncoordinated, un-crafty repertoire of skills.

I can barely peel a butternut squash, when put to the task.

So dinner and conversation seemed like the safer route, in this instance.

Sometimes you just need conversation and maki to keep the wheels turning, chickadees.

Enjoy the weather, chicks- just make sure you know where your coats are.





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2 responses to “rainy days/cold ones ahead.

  1. I live vicariously through people who are getting together in the next few weeks to carve pumpkins. I’m terrified of losing digits. So I always say I’ll go and just drink the pumpkin ale being served…

  2. I wish this warm weather could have lasted through the weekend so that I wouldn’t be freezing in my Halloween costume! (I’m pretty sure I say that every year). Have a good run- looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day!

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