good times and slow mornings.

Chickens- the past couple of days have been really fun.

Which might also mean that I’m exhausted.

Last night was the annual Wild Jesus show/Halloween party at Star Lounge.

Unfortunately, my panda costume didn’t make an appearance this year: Panda requires so much makeup that he can only stay out for an hour or so.

Instead, I dressed up as a cat. A library cat, more specifically, which just really meant that I wore my glasses and had a bag with me.

It takes all kinds, you guys.

Including my kind.


Since I don’t actually know how to wear a costume that doesn’t require hours of prep, I put on a few iterations of what I thought a cat should dress as.

Ky took one look at my leggings and shirt choice and instructed me if you would wear it to the gym take it off what are you an athletic cat?, and so, I tried again.

The party was super fun, and included several performances, including a full-out, band-led parade from one venue to the next at 10 pm through several alleys.

My friends are fun, you guys.

Also, other good costumes by my pals (AS- I stole these pics from you):


When I woke up this morning, my whiskers were still drawn on my face.

Also, I seem to be missing the tail of my costume.

These things, I think, prove that the night was a success.

Up tonight: celebrating Ky’s b-day, which means more fun times, which means starting tomorrow I am going on hiatus.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, chickadees.


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