reading up and bearing down.

Morning, chicks!

And Happy Bears Day!

Or whatever team it is you cheer for.

Last night we went out, sans costumes, to celebrate Ky’s birthday.

It was serious fun.


Our plan was to feed the jukebox all our money and listen to our playlist for as long as we liked.

Except that some country music-loving patrons managed to step ahead of us and commandeer most of our awesome choices.

Luckily, Nicky Minaj still managed to make an appearance.

Otherwise, what kind of birthday party would it have been, really?


Up this morning: a pledge to for awhile, pulled pork bbq & fried chicken (in honor of the Bears’ opponent, the Carolina Panthers), and reading newspaper endorsements of President Obama.

Here’s the one that’s obviously closest to my heart (and my apartment, too), but I did enjoy The New York Times’ article just as well. My baby sister’s city also likes Obama for President.

And of course, an endorsement from my home state always makes me proud.

Listen, the election’s almost here, and I need sensible words from major newspapers to make me feel better about people who think that that pregnancy resulting from rape is a gift from God and also insist on making life miserable for new parents, just because they happen to be gay.

Hang with me chickadees, the end is in sight.

Until then, I have some more reading to do.






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