early mornings and big days.

Chickens, I confess that yesterday was a really lazy day in my household.

As in, I didn’t leave my apartment.

Things I did instead:

Watched the Bears’ game, which, guys, I’m really glad we won, but oh man we did not deserve it one bit.


Thanks again, Robbie, for saving the game (AGAIN).

In honor of playing the Carolina Panthers (who almost won the game, let us all remember), we made pulled pork, fried chicken, and mashed potatoes that we may or may not have added an entire block of cheddar cheese to before serving.

This was much more satisfying than the 60 minutes of football I watched.

Post-football, I spent the afternoon lounging around, thumbing through cookbooks and old Bon Appetit magazines, and watching this Halloween classic:


Hocus Pocus is hands down the best holiday movie to come out of the 90s.

I can’t get enough of a movie that includes a talking cat, Bette Midler, and ridiculous 1990s slang such as “tubular.”

How can you resist that?

I can’t either.

In other news, this morning I have already been more productive than the entirety of yesterday, running 3 miles in the cold (but not cold enough for all the layers I had on, I realized as I sweated profusely through the last mile), making breakfast, and getting ready to head to work.

Tonight: eating the last of the Farmers’ Market vegetable haul with Ky, who turns 28 today! Ky’s been my pal since I was 11, which means she’s the real deal. I hope this is the most fun year yet, and the witchiest. Thanks for being my partner in crime!



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2 responses to “early mornings and big days.

  1. I only left my apartment once yesterday. It was to walk to Whole Foods to get some food. And I got soup. Not a cheap can of soup that I could have made myself in the microwave, but expensive Whole Foods soup so I didn’t have to make it on my own. Which I still ended up having to microwave because it got cold on the walk home. Fail on all accounts.

    And I agree. A win is a win, but we did not deserve it.

  2. Hocus Pocus is completely tubular.

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