if wishes were horses…I don’t know.

Morning, chickadees!

And Happy Halloween!

I confess, the only scary part about my day is that I have 9 meetings today.

Frightening, right?

This morning, deciding that the wind was too intense for me to take myself out into, I headed back to the Y to complete my longest workout yet.

Let me tell you chickens, it is a humbling experience to go from running half marathons without stopping to running eight minutes without stopping.

However, despite feeling much better on my current medication, I am trying to reason with myself that there is simply no need to both injure myself doing too much AND also having RA.

Putting this into practice is fairly difficult, but I’m working on it.

And I’m breezing through my eight minutes of running without a heavy breath, which is a sign that things are back on track.

Let’s just call this interval running, shall we?


Also worth mentioning: on my Pandora, which is of course still set to Hits of the 90s, I seem to be coming across every Spin Doctors song that has ever existed.

This obviously delights me.

However, I would like to put out into the world for discussion the fact that the Spin Doctors have written some pretty weird shit.

For instance, in the song If Wishes were Horses, I am forced to listen to the chorus repeat “If wishes were horses/beggars would ride” over and over again, nearly falling off the treadmill laughing.

In closing, I advise you to check it out for yourself.

The 90s were an awesome time chickens- let’s not forget that.

I’ll stick to Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong though, in the meantime.





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