hitting delete for miles.

Morning, chickens!

As you’re laying eyes on this, I’m in Schaumburg at a work event after (hopefully) navigating a vehicle successfully to the suburbs.

Sometimes it’s necessary to tackle your fears head on, pals.

Except maybe not really head on, since I left at six am to avoid traffic.

One step at a time.

Last night, I headed to my parents’ house for dinner and to grab the aforementioned car.

After dinner, my dad asked to use my computer to transfer some files.

Then he saw my desktop and gasped.

“No one will employ you if it looks like this!” he proclaimed, shaking his head.

I didn’t mention the fact that some has, actually, been employing me for years.

Things continued in this manner until I finally grabbed the laptop, went through my old files, and hit delete approximately one million times.

This is what it looks like now:

The Before picture is so bad that it doesn’t even exist.

I couldn’t have that getting out.

In any case, chickens, I’m feeling more organized this morning.

And my dad is officially not allowed in my cubicle, which is the physical interpretation of the Before desktop.

We can’t all live uncluttered lives.


In more positive news, I ran yesterday in the morning, and then repeated with my dad amidst all of the trick-or-treaters in the evening.

We finished almost another 2.5 miles, putting me at over 5 for the day.

The only snafu was when I nearly bit it in the middle of the street (probably because of obscure Spin Doctors exhaustion), but through a miracle of balance I managed to pull myself up before my face hit the pavement.

I might be a mess, chickadees, but honestly, I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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