stretching out the days.

Morning, chickadees.

And sorry I’m a little late today, but yesterday was a long day, and I took today off from work, so I had no real reason to stir before it was necessary.

I took today off without even a plan, you guys.

Scandalous, I know.

But now that it’s past 8:00 AM, I’ve decided running, soup-making (suggestions welcome), and general life tidying are on the agenda.

Also: writing curled up in my bed, which is a thing I have never tried before and have very quickly decided that I like.

If only JW had made some coffee before he left for work today.

Guys, the coffee machine is a thing that I fear, for some reason.

However, I fear not drinking any coffee more than I fear the process itself, so eventually, I’ll have to leave behind my comforter and figure that beast out.

Which might end in a trip to Starbucks.

It’s too early to tell.

In any case, even if you’re at work today, it’s Friday, which is encouraging, and means that the weekend is just about universally upon us. I hope everyone’s got relaxing plans for what I’m sure will be another chilly two days.

It’s November now, chickadees. It’s official: summer’s not coming back until next year.

I’ll get back to you on how I really feel about that.




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One response to “stretching out the days.

  1. Enjoy your random day off! I can’t wait to build up some more PTO at my new gig to do the same… maybe in time for a solid snow day? The possibilities are endless!

    Happy weekend!

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