seeing it differently.

Hey there chickadees.

I’m sorry for the unexpected absence, but I made my way to Dallas on an unanticipated work trip, which ended up taking up a large part of my end-of-week-weekend.

But I’m back now.


Since I touched down on Saturday, I was able to hang with family, watch Bridesmaids and laugh through the whole thing, play two games of soccer, securing the championship and spending plenty of time outside on what I have decided is the last nice day of 2012, and go to yoga.

Where JD and I both managed to get ourselves into headstands.

JD kicked up on her own, while I needed someone to spot me, but the point is, we’re basically yogis now.

“Look at your smile!” my instructor said, as I beamed upside down.

Sometimes, chickens, after a particularly long stretch, an altered perpective is all it takes to feel calmer.

Let’s see if I can carry that mantra through the rest of this busy week.

Up today: rolling into work early, getting a massage (I have fears about this: I anticipate that I’m one big knot), eating dinner with JW, and heading out to hot yoga: round 2.

There’s nothing wrong with reinforcing that early week intention, chicks.

Button up your coats and enjoy the beginning of the week, everyone.


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  1. I’m getting a massage next week and fear the worst… my work bag has only been getting heavier and I suck at stretching it out… like ever…

    Where do you go to get yours? If you like them tonight, I may need referrals!

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