launching into another place.

Hey there chickadees.

We made it through Monday.


Last night, I left my cubicle early and headed to Lakeview for a long overdue massage.

Which was pretty much amazing on my tired joints.

“You have very tight forearms,” said my masseuse, and then explained that it’s not something she normally sees.

So much downward dog, chickadees.

Speaking of which, after my massage and some dinner, I headed back to Spring for another round of hot yoga.

Last night I threw my mat down in front of a heat lamp unintentionally (why would no one be in this spot, I wondered, before noticing the rays beating down on me), which meant for a slippery practice.

However, during class, for the first time in my short history of trying to regularly practice yoga, I threw myself into a headstand without any assistance.

I wanted to hang out there all night.

Talk about tight forearms, though.

Unfortunately, I’m not so graceful at the dismount yet, so when I kicked down, I mostly just fell onto my hip and splayed across my mat.

Practice makes perfect though, right chicks?

Up today: moving slowly, heading to the gym for the run (I may have taken on outside running, but it’s not even 30 degrees here. You can’t make me do it), and relaxing.

Anyone have a good forearm stretch?

Enjoy this one!


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One response to “launching into another place.

  1. YAY headstand! So what how you dismounted… that’s just an afterthought anyway. 😉

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