rounding out the week.

Chickens, my shoulders are screaming this morning.

More yoga last night.

I’ve already been three times this week, and it’s under the premise that I’m suspicious that at any moment, my RA could rear its ugly head and land me on the couch.

This likely (due to a great doctor and modern technology) won’t be anytime soon, but I can’t take any chances.

So in the meantime, I’m doing headstands.

I found this video yesterday, and while I still need a wall to balance, this might be the next how-to on my list:

How to Headstand

In other news, tonight my pals and I are making dinner and spending the evening crafting.

Yes, I said crafting.

I know.

I said I’d cook dinner if I received some heavy help with my craft (i.e. I’m really hoping they just do it for me).

In the spirit of our new space, we’ve decided to make something alongside the lines of this for our new desks:


Apparently, this is a cookie sheet, covered in fabric, thus creating a magnetic board.

It seems pretty simple.

There may have been mention of hot glue gun work and making our own magnets.

I suspect I won’t escape the night without a burn.

Stay tuned, chickadees, on this one.


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One response to “rounding out the week.

  1. That looks awesome! Can’t wait to see how it turns out. I’d love to make one.

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