five good things: it’s all around us edition.

Chickens, it’s Friday!


In honor of being this.close to getting through this insane week, I thought I’d resurrect one of my favorite traditions: five good things.

So let’s get it started, shall we?

  1. Although I am sure after I pack up my last crate this evening, I’ll be a little sad to leave my old 401 building, I checked out the new space yesterday, and the improved digs will be a good thing. I’ve got a nice tall window and it’s never bad to be treated to a new view.

  2. I have been to yoga four times this week, including when I dragged my slightly hungover, certainly exhausted and sore body out of my warm bed this morning to get to my practice. My instructor has both called me strong and told me she’s proud of me this week, and we all know, it just takes a little bit of praise to get me to stick with it.
  3. Last night, CJ, LM and I sort of blew up our craft night. Instead of cooking a complicated meal and making new boards for our cubes, we ate tortellini from Trader Joe’s and drank several bottles of wine.

    Sometimes, that’s what you need.

    In addition, after a couple glasses of wine, I was eager to show off my new headstand skills. LM tried to create a photo opp in the process, which threw off my balance, which led to me kicking her in the face.

    Which led to this:

    You guys, no matter how much laughing you do, it’s probably not enough. And it certainly feels like just the right thing, even when you’ve just toppled to the ground or been kicked in the face.

  4. This weekend is my annual “Friendsgiving.” This has been such a crazy year, and I’m so grateful to have a few hours to just sit and be with my beautiful, hysterical, grounding friends.

    Things like cranberry margarita tasting are integral to Friendsgiving. So is Court, who we’ll miss so much as she’s having her adventure in China this year.

  5. Since the new office space is being worked on next week, the rest of us get to work from home.

    In sweatpants.

    Without commuting.

    Now that’s a Thanksgiving gift if I’ve ever had one. Even better, for the first time in 100 years, my baby sister is coming in from LA for Thanksgiving, and I can’t wait to see her face.

    This is me, climbing into a fountain, while my little sister indulges me.

    There are so many good things this week, chickadees!



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2 responses to “five good things: it’s all around us edition.

  1. Enjoy the holiday, Nikki!! Hug everybody for me, will you? Love you so much. Xoxox.

  2. I love how organized everyone elses’ groups of friends are. I want to do Friendsgiving SO bad, but every other person I know would not be accountable to cook or show up on time. Fail.

    Enjoy the weekend!

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