hitting the finish line.

Morning, sweet chickadees.

I’ll be making this one short, since I have presentations to finish and little sisters to hang out with this morning.

Can you guess which one I’m more excited about?

In any case, we’re five seconds from Thanksgiving, which is actually in contention for my favorite holiday because it involves delicious food and none of the pressures of Christmas.

There are no Thanksgiving gifts, except for a second plate.

For that I am thankful.

Other things I’m thankful for: the S family, who fed me dinner, made me laugh, and hung out with me last night while JW finished up his last final for the quarter.

Tobin was suspicious of me last night, which basically meant he started wailing as soon as I stepped into the car, and it took extensive convincing for me to get him to agree, that yes, I am the best.

I think, though, that by the end of the night, my persuasive nature (and maybe also Madagascar 3) had him convinced that I was good people.


Up today: five seconds of work, a practice run with my dad and sissy for our 5k glory tomorrow, and hanging out with la mia famiglia.

I hope everyone’s gearing up to enjoy a lovely, lovely holiday weekend.

Enjoy it, chicks!


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