and we land softly back into it.

Hey there, chickens!

And welcome back to the reality of Monday morning.

It was a lovely break though, wasn’t it?

I enjoyed the long weekend immensely, and post-Thanksgiving, took the next few days to visit with my family, see Skyfallen, which was awesome and you should see it right now, did some holiday shopping, and helped my parents trim their tree.

My parents headed to Costco (of course) on Saturday morning, and snagged three trees, for $29 each.

My parking lot purchases usually run me closer to $75, so I felt good about the move.

Check that to-do off my list.

My own tree is currently falling out a little bit in my living room, but I expect by sometime tonight it might be ready for my assortment of animal ornaments.

I don’t know how it happened, but it turns out that I only let fat birds and strangely colored whales live on my Christmas tree.

I generally like it anyway.

My mom’s tree, on the other hand, is all about colored lights and painstakingly threaded popcorn string.


Christmas season is upon us, chickadees.

And I’m not going to lie: I’m ready and waiting.

In other news, today I make my way to my new building at my old job, armed with new framed photos, a giant rock symbolizing the end of my leadership class, and the beginnings of a cold.

New perspective, chicks.

It’s never been a bad thing.



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2 responses to “and we land softly back into it.

  1. Beautiful tree, Nikki! I am behind on Xmas decorations; I gotta get a jump on it. Glad your holiday was relaxing.

  2. I have not quite accepted the fact that Christmas season is upon us, other than a few quick purchases over the weekend. The tree needs to be pulled out of storage, though. So maybe when it comes out of hiding, I’ll be more into it?

    Happy Monday, lady!

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