trimming that tree.

Hey there chickadees.

And welcome, it’s the middle of the week already.

How did that happen?

This week so far, I’ve hit the yoga mat, had a drink at my (likely) new happy hour spot, and JW and I put up our tree.

Well, JW put the tree up.

And watered it.

And brought up the ornaments.

And strung the lights.

But I helped with the ornaments, chickens.

I’m a contributor.


As you can tell, there’s an animal motif going on here. I’m pretty much a sucker for a chubby animal to hang on my tree.

Bonus points if the animal happens to be covered in glitter.

It’s just my kind of Christmas, chicks.

After hanging all the ornaments, including my 8000 glittery stars (glitter, you guys, I’m serious about it at the holidays), we had a finished product in no time (mostly because, again, JW did all the hard parts).


Photography is not my strong suit, pals. But rest assured, I promise you, I’ve got one good looking, lovely smelling tree hanging out in my living room.

In my defense, you couldn’t smell it no matter how beautiful a picture I managed to snap.

It’s not even December, and I’m turning up the holiday spirit here.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, everyone.


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