making moves and smiling about it.

Chickens, I am so very glad that we have almost reached the end of this very long, very exhausting week.

Last night, my pals and I headed out post work to celebrate the next stage in my dear friend AB’s career.

I’m so excited for her. AB is among the people I count myself lucky to have met as a coworker and ended up “real friends” with, as we exclaimed to each other yesterday.

The best thing about my job so far, chickadees, is all the friends that have come my way because of it.

Talk about a fringe benefit.

In any case, while I will miss AB’s smiling face on my walks around the office, I’m too happy for her to be sad about anything.

And I’m sticking to it.


In other news, I’m ready to make my move to CO tonight, with a suitcase full of who-knows-what, since JW and I didn’t wind up packing until early this morning.

I might have been slightly slow moving due to my night out.

LB, hope you don’t mind if I packed only neon shirts and yoga pants.

We can still go out in public, right?

Enjoy your weekend, chickadees, you deserve it.


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  1. Enjoy the weekend in CO! Too bad you’re gonna miss a warm up here! I may even… run… outside…?

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