rocky mountain fever.

Morning chickens, from the mountains!

The past couple of days have been excessively fun, and we’ve enjoyed a pub crawl, delicious food, karaoke to our favorite 90s band (hello, Third Eye Blind), and a trip to Laramie, Wyoming.

It turns out Laramie, Wyoming (population: 30,000), includes a wild, wild west-ish downtown, a railroad crossing, and a cool western shop where I was able to get myself a cowboy boot ornament.

I could have gone for some actual cowboy boots, but it didn’t seem a practical purchase.



It was hard to say no to all these beautiful specimens.

Wyoming turned out to be a kind of weird place, but man, was the mountain drive home a beautiful site to see.

As were the delicious pie and cinnamon bun options we ran into on our way home to Colorado.

It’s been too fun for words, and I’ll be sad to head home later today, so for now, I’ll just show you how it’s been going.




As you can see, we’ve been enjoying our gracious hosts and their western home greatly. This morning, JW and I are headed out for an easy mountain hike with some beautiful scenery before heading back to Chicago and getting a good night’s sleep after our fun-filled trip.

Next up, I head to Ottawa for one day only for a work trip, before finally landing back at home, where I’ll be for, oh, approximately a week and a half.

It’s best to keep it moving, chickadees- there’s lots to see around this place.


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  1. Glad to hear you’re enjoying your trip!

    PS- Third Eye Blind was one of the first concerts I’ve ever went to. Amazing.

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