snap to it.

Morning, chickadees!

And just like that, we’re nearly at the edge of another week.

Which means it’s almost mid-December.

And Christmas.

Where does the time go, pals?

I don’t know either.

Last night, I literally spent the entirety of the evening holed up on my couch, watching things that would make me laugh, before depositing myself into bed at just after ten and getting a solid eight hours of sleep.

Sometimes, after a long stretch, it’s best to just give yourself up to the exhaustion.

I’m feeling much more like a normal human this morning, thank you very much.

Other things I noticed last night, during my long couch stay:

I am obsessed with Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark. The man is constantly helping unload trucks of supplies, helping people find phone numbers of agencies, and also, tweeting.

I love a man who tweets, it turns out.


It doesn’t hurt that he’s good looking too.

For his next move, he’s trying to expose the difficulty of living off of food stamps, by actually living off of the SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance program) allotment, which is $30 a week.

He’s only on day two, but he’s already raised significant awareness about the difficulty that some of our more impoverished Americans are facing every day.

Some people cry “publicity stunt,” and others note that the program assumes some other supplemental income to go toward food, but the fact that lots of people are talking about it is really enough for me to count it a success.

Food deserts (large, usually urban, areas where there’s no real access to fresh produce) and poor nutrition due to lack of resources is an important issue in the United States, and it encourages me that someone’s trying to bring some real life attention to it.

What do you guys think? How far would $30 go in your fridge? I’m interested to follow what’s going on with Mr. Booker while fielding some other perspectives.


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