short week to a good time.

Morning, chickadees.

Waking up this morning, it seemed crazy that it could already be Monday morning again, but then, here we are.

I spent most of the weekend finally kicking a cold that I’ve been hanging onto since Thanksgiving, and then also, celebrating birthdays and watching football and cooking things and leading a semi-normal, less crowded life.

And now I’m ready for another over-scheduled, slightly-hectic week in which I have several exciting lunch dates, too many meetings, and one day less than usual.

Because when I hit Friday this week, my pal JD and I are taking off to New York City for the weekend, with no particular plan in place.

Which is, I think, the best way to arrive in the big city during the holiday season.

My family and I used to head there every Christmas to watch the Rockettes, see the tree, and just generally walk around enjoying the lights, but it’s been years now, as my cousin Lillian reminded me this summer.

We were looking at a picture of us all at Rockefeller Center, and I pointed out all the 10+ years ago photos to Lily.

“Where am I?” she asked, deadly serious.

I chuckled, and explained to her that she wasn’t born yet.

“Well I wish I had been there. Someone should have invited me,” she scolded me.

I admit, it would have been more fun if she was there.

In any case, I’m looking forward to the East Coast during Christmas, and so with that in mind, I’ll be keeping my eye on the prize this week.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, chickens (because we certainly do not here).




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2 responses to “short week to a good time.

  1. My “weather pup” app has been on a sad looking puppy because of all the haze for the last 3-4 days. It’s depressing.

    However, I’m super excited for tomorrow! Weee!

  2. Have so much fun in the Big Apple! The Rockettes would be a perfect kick-off for the holiday season 🙂

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