it don’t snow here, it stays pretty green

We made it past Monday, my friends.

Which to me always seems like reason enough to start the celebration.

Poor Monday has such a bad rap.

Also, in the middle of a bustling, let’s-fit-five-days-into-four week, I’m pausing for just one lovely second to grab lunch with my pal and follow blogger, AB.

AB blogs over here and even though we technically met virtually, she’s actually practically my neighbor in real life.

She’s a dedicated runner, a fantastic baker, and also, just freaking funny.

All my friends are funny, thank God.

We’re headed over to Protein Bar, which is my favorite new lunch spot/chain downtown.

I like an option that by menu alone keeps me from ordering fries and forces delicious quinoa upon me.

I admit, chickadees, that my lunch spots are far superior off the avenue- it’s making it particularly hard to avoid ditching the brown bag.

But it is making it easy to saying yes to meet up with all my favorite people at noon, so I’m going to count it as a win.

And with that, I’m off for an early appointment and a day full of meetings.

Enjoy this one, chickens- we’re headed straight for the weekend, I can feel it in my bones.


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One response to “it don’t snow here, it stays pretty green

  1. Dude- it seems so fitting we’re doing this on a Tuesday, does it not? I’m super excited about Protein Bar… gonna head to the menu RIGHT NOW to see what I’m going to try next…

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