shaking things up.

Hey there chickens!

Welcome, for the middle of the week is here.

And it’s cold.

At least over in Chicago.

This week has, thus far, been a productive, healthy, good feeling kind of week, and for that, I am thankful.

I’ve hit up hot yoga twice already (my only gripe: not hot enough. Who knew I’d ever say that?), hung out in headstand for awhile, left work on time 1 out of 2 days, had a supplemental steroid shot (man, modern medicine is fantastic) for my RA aches, and also, finally tried a green smoothie.

Which is something I’ve been meaning to do.

And no, I don’t mean of the Shamrock variety.

Although those are also delicious.

After scanning Pinterest and the internet at large for the right combination of fruit and kale, I finally just asked my pal KJ for the information, which she gladly gave up.

This morning, I mustered the courage to give it a shot (what if it tastes like leaves? what does pulverized kale taste like anyway?) and threw everything into a blender.

And by “everything,” I mean the following:

  • 1/2 cup of fat free greek yogurt (it’s what I had- any greek yogurt will do, and the real stuff is particularly delicious, and will likely do you no harm)
  • 1/2 banana
  • several kale leaves (I started with about six big leaves. I’m going to try more tomorrow)
  • about a cup of frozen fruit (today I had strawberries)
  • about 6 oz. of orange juice



Sorry about the mess. I was in a little bit of a weekday frenzy.

Anyway, all you really do is pulse it all together. It took me about a minute, and then I was left with this, which yields one pint glass (yes, I’m drinking super food smoothies out of beer glasses) and a little bit extra.



I know, it’s really green.

But I promise, it tastes like oranges and strawberries, and not raw kale leaves.

And look at the bang for your buck. Kale! Fruit! Greek Yogurt!

It’s basically a multivitamin chickens, except it will keep you full until lunch.

Namaste, chickadees. Enjoy this one.




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3 responses to “shaking things up.

  1. Love green smoothies! You can pack a ton of spinach into a blender too, and it just takes on the taste of the other ingredients. Love it!

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