keep that face forward.

Welcome to my last day of the work week, chickadees.

NYC, here I come.


I’m really looking forward to this weekend away, chiefly because my friends, it has been a long couple of weeks.

When I was in CO, I found myself  super itchy when we were out having a few drinks post-flight. I climbed up on the sink in a tiny, tiny bar bathroom to get a better look at the mirror, and realized I was covered in some kind of allergic reaction.

And after two weeks of medication, doctors’ visits, stitches (yeah, who knew they biopsied allergic reactions?) and speculation, it turns out I’m allergic to my arthritis meds.

Which means that I’m currently not taking anything for my misbehaving joints.

In a panic over achy shoulders and cracking wrists, I hit up the office on Tuesday morning to get another steroid shot (read: magical injection), so I should be in a good place for the next couple of months.

We’ll see what the contingency plan to allergic-to-the-mild-medication ends up being.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing as much yoga as I can (damage control, maybe?) and hit the treadmill this morning for my first run since Thanksgiving.

My latest specialist, a dermatologist, advised me that a run could possibly pull out my stitches, but chickens, I say: run while you can.

And keep your eyes on what’s in front of you.




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  1. Grace Hendricks

    Sorry to hear about the allergic reaction from your meds, Just do what your doctors says and everything will be fine. Have a great time in New York. Miss you Love you….

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