let’s make the most of the night.

Hey there, chickens!

We’ve hit Friday, already.

I’m up early to finish packing (you guys, I’m the worst packer, I don’t even know what’s in my bag at this moment: what if it’s just a bathing suit and some sneakers?), and then to do one last thing for work before taking off.

Literally taking off, that is.

I’m equipped this weekend with new shoes, a charged camera, my bff JD, and no work computer.

Wins all around, everyone.



This is JD and me the last time we headed to NYC in 2011.

We’re just horsing around.

I crack myself up, at least, you guys.

In all seriousness, JD, my college roommate/bff/travel partner and I have trekked all over Europe together, so it feels good to be hitting the trail as a pair for the first time in ages.

Once, many years ago, we took a wrong turn and walked around all of Vatican City. After a totally hot, frustrating walk for what seemed like miles (maybe was miles?), I told JD that at least now we could say we’d walked the perimeter of a sovereign nation.

It wasn’t funny then.

It’s sort of funny now.

Also: true.

JD’s talked me out of a panic attack on the Eiffel Tower, calmed me during a storm in Venice when we realized we were actually staying in a campground, not a hostel, and bought the best pair of heels in London despite my protesting that they weren’t practical for Rome’s cobblestone streets.

She was right, as usual. Those shoes were awesome.

And with that, we’re off for another weekend of fun.

Not in a campground.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it, chickadees!


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  1. You guys are going to have so much fun. I’m jealous. Completely.

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