she got both feet on the ground/and she’s burning it down

Hey chickens- and welcome back to another week!

After a delayed, shaky flight last night, I’m finally back in Chicago, prepared to complete two very full days in the office before taking off for the rest of 2012.

The next 48 hours should be intense ones.

Speaking of intense, JD and I ended up having a whirlwind trip to NYC in which we tried our best to see All the Things, and spent our time catching up, having cocktails, and seeing the sights of the city during Christmas.



Yesterday it rained pretty much all day, but being the adventurers we are, we trekked about 60 blocks or so around the city sightseeing while getting soaked to our bones.

Sometimes you have to commit to the adventure, chickens, despite the weather conditions.

One of our favorite sightings of the weekend was actually that New York was having an event in which hundreds and hundreds of people dressed in Santa suits roamed the city, drinking out of paper bags.

Thing TBOX, and then multiply it by Manhattan.

Yeah, it was pretty crazy.

The Santas seemed fairly jovial until about 5:00 pm, which JD and I have decided is New York’s witching hour.

Tourists get tired.

Kids get whiny.

Santas get violent.

We walked around for what felt like hours Saturday night, trying to find one bar that wasn’t populated by Santas screaming at elves while chain smoking, and when we finally did, we holed up and stayed there until after 1 am.

The next morning, we wondered if the Santas would have been doing their various walks of shame Sunday if we’d gotten up in time to see it.

And then, we laid our eyes on this.



Somewhere, a Santa is freezing.

Enjoy the sunshine if you’ve got it.



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2 responses to “she got both feet on the ground/and she’s burning it down

  1. This Santacon thing is huge! We had one in Chicago on the same day as TBOX, apparently. It’s my version of a nightmare, so thanks but no thanks to either of those events!

  2. I heard about Santacon via facebook from some friends who live in NY. I though I would have loved to experience it…

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