There was more than one lobster present at the birth of Jesus?

Hey chickadees.

Another late morning post over here, after a morning of watching television from the 90s and sleeping in past eight.

It’s going to be a nice little vacation in this neck of the woods.

Neck of the concrete, I guess.

Last night, JW and I headed over to St. Andrew’s for KD’s Christmas concert.

She played the xylophone.

Like a champ.

The concert featured one song from every grade, and was basically the cutest holiday event I’ve ever attended.

Even cuter than the event itself?



Tobin Claus. Orchestrated to make the holidays more exciting.

At the end, there was a group song, complete with candles and blue lights.



A blurry photo yes, but it basically made me want to go home and put on Love, Actually immediately while hanging out by my Christmas tree.

Up today, I hopefully finally finish my Christmas shopping, go hang out with the kids for awhile, and then head to the Hideout later tonight to see Wild Jesus rock out at an end of the world party.

If the world ends after this kind of day, I really only have limited complaints.

Enjoy this day, chickens, as we head straight into the holiday week.


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