jingle jangle jingle

Morning chicks!

And Happy Boxing Day!

I hope that everyone had a beautiful, fun Christmas with your families and friends.
Christmas this year brought me clothes, yoga gear, and a brand new camera (courtesy of JW), which my sister has already started giving me lessons on- look for less blurry, more exciting photos in 2013.

If not, at least know that I’m trying to learn the difference between aperture and well, something else I should know about, according to my sister.

We also ate 7 different fishes, per tradition (check it out on my baby sister’s blog), did karaoke with our fun Christmas eve guests, and went to see Les Miserables last night, which was both excellent and depressing, in equal measure.

In any case, I’m spending another day hanging with my family, eating more than I should, and overall relaxing before even thinking of getting into the daily grind again.

Or hitting a yoga mat, although that should be something I get back to sooner rather than later, due to the amount of carbohydrates I have consumed.

I hope everyone is still relaxing, watching good movies, and not making too many moves off the couch today.
‘Tis the season, chickens. Enjoy every second of it!




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