wrong thing, right reason.

Morning, chickadees!

I’ve spent my morning so far doing nothing except staying in bed far longer than I should have, but sometimes, it’s hard to find a reason to be doing anything else.

I’m still on vacation, technically, right?

Last night, JW, JD, and CC and I headed out to Frasca for drinks, dinner, and some catching up after a long stretch of work trips, family time, and holidays.

Catching up over gimlets and scotch is generally the right thing to do in this scenario.

Up today, JD and I are headed to something called “cozy yoga.”

I don’t know exactly what that means. Trying to stretch myself into triangle pose while not falling into a heap on the ground isn’t something I’d call “cozy” necessarily, but hey, there’s a first time for everything.

Also up today, watching the Bears and crossing all my fingers and toes that:

1) they will win


2) so will the Packers

I know it’s against my football religion to actually want the Packers to win at really anything, but unless they do, the Bears won’t be with us again until next year, and I’m not sure I’m ready for that.

So I’m doing the wrong thing for the right reasons, I think.



Enjoy this Sunday chickens- it’s the last one of 2012.


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  1. I love Frasca! It’s my “go to” spot if my visitor hasn’t already been there. It’s also where I had a recent first date… so good things happen there… lol

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