so here’s a hand my trusted friend/and give me a hand of thine

Chickadees- nice to meet you here at the end.

And also at the beginning.

2012 went by in a blur, chickens, and it was all kinds of things.

Good things, bad things, things in the middle.

I’m seeing a lot of posts in reference to 2012, about how great it was, and alternatively, how bad it was.

The bad ones always make me a little sad, because I think that generally, we can think of something that made us smile during this last trip around the sun.

I hang onto the light parts though.

As I rack my brain for what would make this next year better (or at least more) than last year, I’ve been taking some time to reflect on what happened these past 365 days that made my life better, worse, more interesting, or different than last year.

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

The Physical
-I finished a half marathon with a pack of my buddies. It wasn’t my first, but I trained with my pals and my husband, and also, I didn’t walk one single step of the whole thing. Races make me mentally sharper more than physically, and I’m grateful to have this one under my belt.



– Aside from the half marathon, I did some fun races with my family and friends this year. I love nothing more than crossing the finish line with someone for the first time:



– I finally, finally listened to my baby sister and took up yoga, for real, at a studio. And I learned how to do this:



-Last, but not least, this was the year of the Rheumatoid Arthritis, which meant that I became familiar with joint pain, specialists, lab tests, and drug allergies.

But chickens, I also learned about: having limits, listening to my body, being patient, and appreciating every single person who listened to me complain or helped me get up.

There’s good stuff all around, you guys.

The Professional

– I took a ten month class on leadership, which meant I read over 30 books I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise, met some really, really great people, and spent some actual time thinking about what being a leader looks like in my world.

Everyone should get a chance to do that.

– I did a full rotation on my clients this year, which meant two new shiny opportunities that so far have made it possible for me to meet and work with great people and to learn more than maybe I’ve learned in a long time.

Also, so much fun was had.



– I blogged more than I’ve ever blogged before. And I’m hoping to keep it up. I’m guest blogging for my sister when I can, and I’m just gonna keep writing, because really, that’s what I like best.

You should do what you love best, at least sometimes.

The Travel

I made it to Philadelphia, Connecticut, Michigan, Los Angeles, Colorado, Wyoming, and New York City this year.

And that was just for fun.

I also visited Florida, Boston, Ottowa, and Anaheim- it’s fun to keep on moving, chickens.

mountain road

Everything Else

There are about a million other things I can think of that are worth mentioning this year (Barack Obama’s election, spending so much time with A,KD, and Tobin, my pals C & JK both taking off for new adventures, every single time I laughed so hard I cried), and I’m so grateful that the good things come to mind so quickly.



So chickens, on this last day of 2012, I’ll be raising my glass to laughing, good times that made us smile, and bad times that taught us something. I hope everyone has a great time tonight, and that we start 2013 happy, healthy, and ready for a new set of adventures.



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