swan dive into this one.

Happy Friday, chickens.

That wasn’t so bad, was it?

I didn’t think so either.

Now let me account for some of my ridiculous antics this week.

Last night I worked late-ish, rushed home, met JD, and we both changed in three minutes flat to head to candlelit yoga.

Which wasn’t candlelit.

But that’s besides the point.

In any case, it reminded me of our many years of living together, as we stood a wall apart, talking about our day and also being in a half panic.

We’re really good at the half panic.

Since I knew we weren’t getting home until almost 9, I shoved some popcorn in my face while JD laughed at me.

I concede, it was a strange snack of choice.

After my snack of three handfuls of popcorn, I pulled on an admittedly outrageously bright orange flowy top, the kind I had just told JD I thought was dumb that weekend.

So you know those dumb tops we were talking about? I said from behind the wall.


I’m wearing one, I admitted, as I emerged from behind the door.


It’s good to laugh before yoga.

After a rather un-namaste-drive over to our studio full of unwilling-to-move drivers, we rolled out our mats, stretched out our legs, and got to work.

Which was when I noticed that the aforementioned top was also pretty much indecent.

Folding forward was a dangerous activity.

To add insult to injury, at one point, while I was desperately trying to pull up my tank and swan dive at the same time, something fell out of one of the expansive rolls of fabric that made up this shirt.

Popcorn spilled onto my mat.

I think that no one saw.

I would have laughed if they did.

Chickens,  maybe an apple before you practice.

Enjoy this one!



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One response to “swan dive into this one.

  1. hahahaha… that’s awesome!

    Have a good weekend, my dear! Try not to freeze

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