Full weeks and snowy streets

Morning chickadees!

I’m hoping you’re all having warm, fun, relaxing weekends during this first seven days of the new year.

JW and I headed east to Michigan yesterday morning so that we could spend some long overdue holiday time with family, which has meant delicious dinner and ice cream cake and cookies and silly games and gifts and laughing and teasing.

One of my favorite kinds of days.

This morning, we’re drinking coffee, reading papers, and then bundling up to see my pal LB in Ann Arbor while we’re both in the same time zone.

Which is always a treat, especially when it involves the possibility of falafel.



This is a picture of LB, her husband Nate, JW and I in an alternate universe far, far away.

Many moons and Miller Lites ago.

I’m always being bullied, chicks.

In any case, I’m looking forward to another day of relaxing before calling this holiday season officially over and really dragging my feet across the 2013 line.

Enjoy this one, chickens, before heading back to full weeks and snowy streets.






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