settling in and turning pages.

Hey there chickadees!

We’ve made it through Monday, which is certainly worth something.

It was a long one yesterday, in which I headed from work straight to yoga.

Stretching and twisting in a hot room for an hour with some pals is generally a cure for what ails you.

Also last night: instead of melting into a TV-watching haze when I got home (which is my general evening activity as of late), I curled up on my couch and opened back  up my latest book pick, courtesy of the expert opinion of FG.

After a year of reading leadership books, I’ve needed her counsel to slide back into the land of the living when it comes to things I’d like to read.

And this one hit it straight on the head.

catherine the great

Catherine the Great is about, well, Catherine the Great. A Germanic princess, she’s taken from her family when she’s fourteen, trucked to Russia to marry an heir who seems obsessed with playing with toys and paying little attention to her, and then becomes one of the world’s most powerful women.

So far, I’ve made it to the early stages of her marriage to Peter, and the book’s got me hooked. It reads like a novel, but it’s for real, which is really my favorite kind of

If you’re interested in monarchy, Russian history, or just an interesting story, I’d pick this one up- I’ll be hitting up the library for the rest of this author’s books as soon as I’m finished with this one.

It’s worth a night of skipped DVR and Netflix, chicks.




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