if you don’t, you just keep practicing

Chickens, I admit it. I’m overly tired and a little cranky this morning.I was out too late, my brain’s on overload, and I’m running on caffeine and the fumes of my positive attitude.

Also, I’m in a dramatic mood (can you tell?).

So instead of writing something that might make you think I’ve gone off the deep end, or recounting yesterday’s events in four boring sentences,  I’m going to share a few videos that I really should bookmark and just watch on repeat when I’m feeling less than excellent.

Sometimes you need a little boost to get you going, chickadees.

Also, sometimes you really just need a tiny kid to make sense of it all.

And also to make you laugh.

If you don’t feel ready for your day after that, chickens, just do a little YouTube searching.

Remember, you guys, you can do anything good.

Enjoy this day.


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One response to “if you don’t, you just keep practicing

  1. I love Jessica’s affirmations. She’s the bestest.

    Book club was last night. Aka Amy’s a little hungover.

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